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Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for Digital Sports Media, owner of the SHOT ON TARGET app.

1) Safeguards Privacy

Ensuring the privacy of visitors to the SHOT ON TARGET APP is a very important task for us. That is why we describe in our privacy policy how our privacy procedure proceeds, what information we collect and how we use this information.

2) Terms

The following terms are used:

- THE AGENT: a person on the court who obtains the consent of THE PLAYERS and the parents of both parties. This is usually the coach, leader or referee.

- The SHOT ON TARGET SYSTEM: the system that in its entirety ensures that the images around the target can be viewed. This includes THE VIDEO BOX, the SHOT ON TARGET APP, the database and the program code that make this possible.


- THE VIDEO BOX: the box (usually red) that is attached to the back of one of the 2 goal posts of a goal and which films the action moments in and around the goal via a lens in this goal post.


- THE SHOT ON TARGET APP: the mobile app for Android and Apple that can be downloaded from

- THE PLAYERS: THE PLAYERS on the field who may be recognizable in the picture if these persons appear in front of the goal during one of the recordings.

- THE CLUB: the football club that has entered into a partnership with Digital Sports Media regarding the placement of the relevant Shot on Target system.

- THE COUNTERPARTY: the team visiting THE CLUB or designated as the counterparty because they do not take the initiative to activate THE SHOT ON TARGET SYSTEM.

3) I agree

By using the information and services of THE SHOT ON TARGET APP, you agree to our privacy policy and the conditions that we have included herein.

4) Consent players and parents

4.1 introduction

Via THE SHOT ON TARGET APP, images can be viewed in and around the target area. These images are made by a box that is attached to the goal post. It is stated on the goal post that filming is possible. There is also a QR CODE available.

4.2. permission from whom?
It is up to THE AUTHORIZED to turn on the VIDEO BOX and obtain permission from:


- THE PLAYERS (if 16 years or older)


or from


- THE PLAYERS 'parents (players under the age of 16).


4.3 the counterparty

In addition, permission is required from the leader / coach of THE COUNTERPARTY asking the parents and / or players to ask the question below.


4.4 asking for permission

The following questions should be asked:


1) do they agree that these images appear in the SHOT ON TARGET APP for the purpose and that they may be recognizable in the image?

2) do they agree that these images can be shared via the share button in the SHOT ON TARGET app to, for example, social media?


The system may be activated if the 2 questions have been answered with "Yes". With regard to THE COUNTERPARTY, we recommend that you have permission given in writing, for example via email, sms or Whatsapp.


From that moment on, THE AUTHORIZED AGENT is responsible for safeguarding privacy during the recordings.


5 delete images

Images can be deleted. We refer to the option “remove images” in the app or to


6 What do we do with the data?

Apart from any approval via SMS from the AUTHORIZED, all available data can be found publicly on the internet via the SHOT ON TARGET APP.


Like many other apps, THE SHOT ON TARGET APP uses session cookies so that we know how this visitor behaves on the app and which pages are visited. We do not share this data with others. The use of session cookies is a common way of working for apps because it provides information that contributes to the quality of the user experience. The information that we register, via cookies, includes IP addresses, the type of browser and the pages visited.


The images are stored on a server. The server is managed by Digital Sports Media.

The images with ball and with a person are classified for the app. No other analysis or recognitions are explicitly performed. Other images (read images without ball and person) are automatically deleted.


Important: we do not supply data in any form to third parties. What is of course possible is that a user shares a video via the app by means of the share button.



7 Questions

If you would like to receive more information, or have questions about the privacy policy of Digital Sports Media and specifically about the SHOT ON TARGET APP, you can contact us by e-mail. Our email address is

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