After placing the Shot on Target box on the goal post, all action moments are automatically shown in the Shot on target app. This app can be downloaded from the play or app store.


The package consists of the following items:


- a box containing the Shot on target technology

- 2 lenses with caps (1 spare)

- a battery unit good for a full day of play

- a charging cable and an adapter

- for a 2 year appointment: a free installation within a radius of 50 km from Hilversum


Pay attention. This package only works with a 4G and also a hosting subscription of 39.50 euros per month with the following content:


  • A 4G data SIM card
  • Unlimited sharing of moments
  • Super slow motion video of every moment of action up to 60 fps
  • 1 free custom made commercial of the existing banners
  • An animation of the club logo shown for the video
  • Support. For example, we come to the club for an explanation and during the first weeks we watch whether the battery is being charged.


Does your club take care of the installation itself? Then we recommend the Shot on target installation package. This way you drill all the holes in the right place with the jig and there is enough space for changing the battery.


It is also possible to purchase a goal with an integrated box from our partner


NOTE: This product is custom made for an 80mm diameter goal post. Those are the well-known pupils football goals.

SHOT ON TARGET (80mm diamete) * price ex. 4G subscription.

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  • Power input: 5v (micro usb)

    Power output: 5v 2.5 amp

    Capacity battery: 20,000 Mah @ 5v

    Capacity internal battery: 4,000 Mah @ 5v

    Operating temperatures: min -20C | max: + 40C

    ShotonTarget is a product off: Digital Sports Media BV email: web: