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Welcome to Shot on Target, the innovative product developed to increase the enjoyment of football at a local level. Our product is based on the growing popularity of amateur football videos and the limitations of current digital analysis and image recognition capabilities.

Using artificial intelligence (A.I. technology), we have developed a smart, affordable goal post camera that recognizes and analyzes goals and attempts. This ensures a clear presentation on screens in the clubhouse and on our mobile app.


Our product consists of several parts, including the box that is attached to the back of the football goalpost and two cameras mounted on the front of the goalpost. These cameras each film an angle of 150 degrees, so that the goal line and the corner flag are visible on the other side of the goal. The box sends selected images to the server.


We offer clubs several options to use our product. Our streamer shows the last 15 goal attempts with likes, comments from sponsors and the three best goals from the club. The streamer's settings are adjustable, so that a promotional film from Shot on Target can also be shown. In addition, we have developed a digital video player that can be placed on the club's website and shows the same images as the streamer.


Our app can be downloaded for free from the Play and App store and shows the latest goal attempts per club and per goal. By giving likes, the images also appear on the screen. We offer various revenue models, such as selling the SOT box to the club, selling the streamer and a monthly subscription for the 4G connection, server storage and maintenance.


We believe that our product contributes to the fun factor of football at a local level and we hope you are excited to use it too. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our product and the possibilities for your club.


With sporty greetings,

The Shot on Target team

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