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Shot on Target is a startup founded in 2019. The goal was to create a system that filters the highlights from a football match based on artificial intelligence. The system should be hands-free for the club. The product should also provide a business model for clubs to benefit from the viewing figures.


After many months of testing, it was possible to deliver the box in July 2020. SO Soest was the first club to use the Shot on Target system. . In October HC FC Victoria followed. This was also the official go-live.

We now work with 2 people in the office. In addition, there is a promotion team that helps the spectators and the clubs. 


Kor van der Bij

Title: Founder, Sales and Operations

Kor was previously active as a web developer and project leader in IT at Sara Lee and Nike.


In 2007 he founded MySports. As of 2014, MySports annually serviced over 130 sports events with new RFID chip timing and innovative IT services . Well-known events were the Amstel Gold Race, the Paris Marathon, the London Triathlon and Mud Masters. After 13 years of events, it was time for a new challenge. Shot on Target was founded in 2019. In addition to this start-up, 


Kor plays football and can often be found by bicycle. His children play football at Victoria 1893.

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